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Hush, child
Let that fear fall right off
Those shaking shoulders
Roll down your back
Sink into the dirt
                                                                  and fade

Love is here, brave one
Love clothed in light
Shining brighter than
Your darkest thought
Watch it all just
                                                                       melt away

Because fear has no right to you
And that breath in your lungs
That's Love, love
Not pain or darkness or terror
And perfect love always has the
                                                                     final say

Hi. I'm Ashlyn. I'm a twenty-something writer/equestrian/recovering perfectionist. I love animals, coffee, storytelling, and Jesus. I can be found working with my horses, writing my novel, or screaming about something like a meme or a dog I saw.
I believe love is louder than fear because perfect love casts out all fear. I'm working at doing more abiding, a lot less striving, and embracing the grace I unearth along the way.
Please feel free to contact me, whether it be here or on any of my social media. I'm actually really friendly if you can get past my insatiable need to be witty. And I'm sometimes awkward. But I am nice. So, leave a comment and say hi!

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