Dear Future Children

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Dear future children,

The world weeps and headlines flash and people cradle their heads in their hands, press face into palm as they wrestle with the endless barrage of questions that will never have enough answers. It seems like every day brings a new tragedy, another set of people being rendered orphans, widows, and childless parents due to actions of unexplainable evil.

I haven't met you yet, but someday I will. And it wrenches my heart and baffles my spirit when I think of the insurmountable problem of explaining to you why these things happen when I can't explain them to myself.

How can I possibly begin to explain the existence of evil; how it seeps out of every dark crevice of the world? How bad things happen every day and oftentimes, there's no explanation for it? How can I speak of the horror of human history that always leaks into the present? Are there words to describe the desperate brokenness of this world, account for the downward spiral of humanity?

What can I say of a madman who guns down innocent people, of monsters who drive vans into crowds, who kidnap children to be soldiers and force a rifle into their hands?
How can I explain the senseless hatred that turns one against another for something as insignificant as the color of their skin?

Can I make plain to you that there will always be those who take moments of grief and tragedy not to comfort those who mourn, but to politicize, on both sides of the spectrum?

This world weeps and aches with a desperate need for hope and light and truth. I wish I could explain to you why bad things happen or why some humans seem to have an endless capacity for evil. I wish I could tell you these things are rare, but they happen every day.
I cannot prevent these things from happening or tell you why they do. This world is broken and evil permeates the surface of the earth. We battle against things that often have no face; against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness.

No, there won't be a way to keep you from these things. But I can show you the hope and light and truth of the One we follow. I can teach you that we are called to love one another, whether that means holding the door at the gas station, bringing food to the homeless, or stepping up and stepping in to mourn with those who mourn, following in the footsteps of the God who came into our brokenness and didn't flinch away. I can set an example for you of how when others raise their fists and point fingers to blame, we can hit our knees and lift up prayers and praise.

When this world gets chaotic, I can lead you to the Rock that is higher than I. Because I can't keep calamities from you, but when it feels as though the evil in the world will overcome, I can remind you of the One who has overcome the world.

We are not promised an easy, pain-free life. In fact, when we read the Word, we find it's quite the opposite. But we are called to be patient in affliction, steadfast in prayer because maybe we don't know what tomorrow will bring, but we know to Whom we belong.

Of all the life lessons that I'm determined to teach you, the one I want to impart most of all is an unwavering belief in hope. I don't believe there is such a thing as a hopeless situation, only a hopeless person. I refuse to let you be one, and if I do my job right, you won't let the people around you be without hope either.

We are all children of hope and we are called to be harbingers of the greatest hope in the world, Jesus Christ.

No, I haven't met you yet, little ones. But I will. And I will not bring you into a world without hope because every breath you and I take is filled with it. I will raise you to be the light where there is none, make peace where others make war, and hold up a banner of love that overtakes every creed of hate. I will teach you these things as the Father has taught me. I believe in the greatest of loves because that Love has believed in me. He believes in you, too.

And so I have hope. For you, for myself, for every busted up and broken person, place, or thing on this planet. We are never without it. We just have to take the time to see it and let it grow.


your future mom

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