I'm alive! An apology and some updates

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Hey, guys!

Yes, I am alive. I'm just very, very busy right now. Not even with anything in particular, but my everyday activities have me up at 5AM and able to relax at 8PM(which is what time it is now as I write this; I dunno what time I will post this).

Anyway, I swear I am intending to keep this blog up. I have topics planned; it'll take some creativity to find time to write them.


Dr. Pittman came to check on Amadeus on June 24. If you don't know who Dr. Pittman is, please see the entire story here and here.

We pulled radiographs on Amadeus' hooves and found that he has 10mm of sole. That is down from the 14mm he had at his last appointment with the podiatrist. Dr. Pittman isn't too concerned about it, but it is something we need to stay on top of. He would really like to see Amadeus maintaining around 18mm-20mm. We believe a combination of the wet weather this spring as well as the times I rode in a purely sharp/rough sand arena may play a part in why he lost the sole depth.

Amadeus stayed in his plain rockers, but pads were added to give his sole a break from any abrasion he might be experiencing. We doubled his biotin dosage as well. Dr. Pittman will be back out around August 5 to check him again. Based on his sole depth, we will see if we need different mechanics or if avoiding sharp/rough sand arenas will do the trick. Any prayers you want to send our way for the sole depth we need as well as God's will concerning what shoes Amadeus needs to be in would be appreciated!

Sunday at 5:10 AM, I flew out with my mom to Friday Harbor, WA! Kate, Abbie, and Susan were there as well because...


If you don't know Kate and Abbie, they created an organization called Blue Freedom which works to educate the public, specifically teens and young adults, about the cruelties that go on in the captive marine mammal industry. Susan and I volunteer with Blue Freedom and they graciously invited us to join them at Superpod.

Blue Freedom's documentary Voiceless premiered at Superpod on Monday evening. It was so amazing to see it on the big screen and to hear the cheers of support once the credits rolled. If you would like to view Voiceless, the full 36 minutes will be available on Youtube and other platforms soon!

I'll chat more about Superpod and the incredible experience of seeing wild orcas in another blog post!

Because I can't go almost six days without horses, I managed to book a riding lesson and tour of Sweet Water Farm which is located in Friday Harbor. I have followed their Facebook page for a few years because they raise Akhal Tekes. Akhal Tekes are a rare breed with only around 6,600 of them throughout the world(fun fact: I thought there were only like 900, but then I fact checked myself. Oops). Sweet Water Farm competes their Tekes in eventing. It was fantastic and I learned a lot. I will be posting more about that as well as some pictures soon!

That's about it as far as updates go. With a bit of grace, I will get back into the swing of posting regularly soon. Thank you for your patience!

love, ashlyn

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