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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Hey, guys!!

So, the very sweet Serena at Poetree tagged me in the Infinity Dreams Award tag thingie(why do I always add thingie after tag??). Everyone needs to stop reading and check out her blog(and then come back and read this).

Rules, first!

Use the Infinity Dreams Award picture
Thank the blogger who tagged you
Tell us 11 facts about yourself
Answer the 11 questions
Tag 11 bloggers

Here we go!

11 Facts

1. I love dressage but like real, correct dressage.

This piaffe is #aesthetic

2. I will scream and shake my fists about real, correct dressage all day if something sets me off.

3. I will spend 300+ hours a day musing about riding theories.

4. I am a learning theory nerd, particularly in how it applies to clicker training. If someone mentions operant or classical conditioning, I will drop everything and hang on to their every word.

5. I have a lot of trouble resting in the fact that Jesus loves me. Like, I get super caught up in God's holiness and slip into legalism really easily. A constant battle for me.

6. Dogs. I don't even know what else to say. I love dogs. Almost as much as I love horses.

7. According to Duolingo, I am 3% fluent in Spanish. Yo no rompí la lámpara, no me eches ese muerto a mi.*

8. PREs(Andalusians) and Lusitanos are my favorite breeds of horse.

Oxidado the Lusitano stallion gives me life,

9. If I could eat only potatoes for the rest of my life and live, I would.

10. I like patent leather accents on horse tack and I cannot lie(*dressage queens everywhere shudder in horror*)

11. I completely lack the ability to multitask. If you talk to me while I'm tacking up, I will stop because apparently, I can't brush a horse and listen. Talking to me while I am driving should be done at your own risk.

*yeah, I just googled that, I don't know, have fun figuring it out.

11 Questions

How many books do you hope to read this year?

More than I did last year. Which means like three haaaa :')

How many books have you read this year?

I've almost finished one. I'm not even a slow reader, so much as sporadic reader?? Like, I will read half the book and then not pick it for three months, idk man, don't judge me.

What is your favorite song?

Yeah, totally changes every other day, but I've been jamming to Migraine by Twenty One Pilots a lot lately.

What is your favorite holiday?

CHRISTMAS. CHRISSSTTTMAAASSS!!!!!!! The reminder of God's love in Jesus and the extra nicety we all seem to muster up makes me really love it. Plus, the decorations are just fab.

Why do you blog?

Because I kept getting unfriended for ranting on Facebook**

I just have a lot I want to say and I wanted a better platform in which to say it in.
 It's fun to practice my writing and argumentative skills. 
I enjoy chatting with people.

Favorite dessert?

My mother makes chocolate chip cream cheese dip like this one and it is literally like baby angels pooped in my mouth. SO GOOD.

Some books set for 2016 release that you can't wait to read?

I promise I don't hate reading as much as this post makes it seem like. I just don't keep up with releases very well unless I've already read part of a series or something?? 

Where would you most like to travel to?

I gotta make a list, hold on.

-New Orleans, LA, USA.

-Wellington, FL, USA.

Probably Glasgow and Edinburgh.
But also pretty much the entire country.

-India. Not sure what part.

-Patagonia. Enough said.

What things inspire you to write/draw/take photos?

Empathy. I feel a lot of things, I feel things when other people feel things, I see photos and feel things. I have to put the feelings somewhere.

me 24/7

What is your favorite mythological creature?

It's a tie between Selkies and Kelpies. I like seals and horses. When they're monstrous and homicidal, I become enthused.***

Favorite (non-mythological) animal?

HORSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Horse. Obviously. Beautiful cinnamon rolls, too good for this world, too pure.

** I'm not kidding. As it turns out, saying draw reins should be thrown into the garbage or pointing out that Totilas is a poorly trained creature will upset some people.

*** I bet you thought I was going to say unicorns.

11 Questions

1.What is the last nightmare that you had?
2. If you had to be either a Selkie or a Kelpie, which would you choose?
3. Would you lure your enemies into your monstrous clutches?
4. What is your favorite number?
5. Do you hate Comic Sans as much as the rest of us?
6. Am I the only one who hasn't ever watched Interstellar?
7. Sebastian Stan, am I right?
8. What does the fox actually say?
9. You can spend an hour with one well-known, but deceased person. 
Who is it?
10. Do you hate cardio as much as I do?
11. Vanilla or Chocolate?

11 Bloggers
1. Susan.
2. Yeah, again, I have the problem of not knowing many bloggers.
3. Oops?

Thank you, Serena, for tagging me!

I had a really amazing time at the schooling show I went to with Amadeus yesterday. I have lots of pictures to share and I will chat about it in my next blog post!



  1. "Talking to me while I am driving should be done at your own risk." < HAAHAH YES. I can sort of relate to this although I so often brag about how great I am at multitasking, my brain is forcing me to live up to it LEST MY PRIDE SUFFER. (ahem.) Also these horse GIFs. *looks for heart eye emoji key* "I'm not even a slow reader, so much as sporadic reader??" < OMG YES. this is me forever. :') GAAAH Twenty One Pilots WHYYY have I not listened to this one?? idk ask someone else. *headdesk*

    Why do you blog? Because I kept getting unfriended for ranting on Facebook** < *WILTS* I'M PRETTY SURE THIS JUST MADE MY DAY DUDE. xD literally why are you so perfect...??? AHAHA BUT UNICORNS CAN BE MONSTROUS AND HOMICIDAL, I ASSURE YOU. XD

    this was amazing, btw. you amazing human you. *gives chocolate*


    1. My mother is always chiding me like, "you need to multitask" and I'm just like nO I CANNOT IT I IMPOSSIBLE
      duuuuddeee I have been looking for an excuse to use those horse gifs for so long lemme tell you and now I want to do a post of Working Equitation(which I have only a minute knowledge about) just SO I CAN POST GIFS OF THAT GLORIOUS GRAY BEASTIE THAT IS OXIDADO. I'm pretty sure he was 16-17 in the gif of him going over the bridge?? And he is 21 now and still looks just as good.

      TWEntY ONE PILOTS IS MY NEW FAVORITE THING OKAY OKAY also i'm so proud that I finished a book in two weeks recently go me!

      I wish I was kidding, but I have been unfriended a minimum of twice because I guess people thought I was referring to them?? Like, I'm sorry if you happened to be using the questionable(re: borderline abusive) methods I was trashing, but who's problem is that, really?? I SWEAR I AM NOT PERFECT just really close to it...JK JK NO ONE SHOOT ME.

      GAHHHH THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVELY COMMENT AS ALWAYS MY DARLING!! (and thank you for the chocolate)


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