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Sunday, February 28, 2016

The amazing and beautiful Katie over at The Goodness Revolt nominated me for The Happy Tag! I am a huge fan of making lists, so this should be a lot of fun! The categories are: books, words, movies and TV, scents, songs, and miscellaneous, with the nominees at the end!


Hahaha, this is so awkward because most of the books that make me happy are angsty and sad. Ha...

♥ A Girl And Five Brave Horses by Sonora Webster Carver.

♥ Letters From Heaven by the Apostle Paul. This is actually a Bible translation called The Passion Translation and I LOVE IT.

♥  Wuthering Heights by Charlotte Bronte 

♥  Marrow by Tarryn Fisher

♥ The entire Penryn and the End of Days series by Susan Ee.

♥ Looking For Alaska by John Green. The only book I've ever reread and it made me cry each time.

Russia|fish| sea| placebo| petrichor| Pleadies| pizza|pumpkin| puppy| piaffe| pony| I really like words starting with P| fabricate| emerald| ascot| fox| jewel| smite| turtle|moose|


Okay. So.


PSYCH. PSYCH IS THE BEST SHOW EVER. I've watched the entire series twice. And multiple episodes multiple times.




I think it made me happy. It's been so long since the newest season, I can't really say.

Doctor Who

 Admittedly, I'll be happier when Moffat LEAVES AND STOPS WRITING TERRIBLE STORY ARCS.

Parks And Recreations

PARKS. What can I say about Parks? I just. The characters. The one liners. SDFSDFSDF.

Tomorrow When The War Began

I don't really know why I like this movie so much because it's not like “waaaaahh fabulous”, it's basically an Australian version of Red Dawn, but it seems more realistic as far as reactions go?? And I really like the main character, Ellie. I don't know, I've watched it a few times, which means I like it.


This movie is just gahhh cinematic masterpiece. Plus...”ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!” is the most quotable line ever. Like, I'd be even more entertained if you'd pan down to Russell Crowe's glorious quadriceps more often.

Mad Max: Fury Road

 Okay, okay, I just like dirty, scruffy, bearded Tom Hardy. You caught me.

Leather|petrichor(google it & you'll understand)| sweaty horses| cookies| shea butter| pomegranate| puppy breath|pine|

♥  Drops In The Ocean by Hawk Nelson
♥  You Only Die Once by Abbiee
♥  Glory And Gore by Lorde
♥  I'm So Sorry by Imagine Dragons
♥  When We Were Young by Adele

Jesus| hiking| horseback riding| writing| watching Youtube videos| documentaries| detective stories| the color of Amadeus' eyes| and the sound of Kai's neigh|

 ♥ Susan
 ♥ My dilemma is that
 ♥ I know nobody in the blogging world ROFL

Thank you, Katie, for tagging me in this! It was loads of fun! :D


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