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Sunday, February 28, 2016

The amazing and beautiful Katie over at The Goodness Revolt nominated me for The Happy Tag! I am a huge fan of making lists, so this should be a lot of fun! The categories are: books, words, movies and TV, scents, songs, and miscellaneous, with the nominees at the end!


Hahaha, this is so awkward because most of the books that make me happy are angsty and sad. Ha...

♥ A Girl And Five Brave Horses by Sonora Webster Carver.

♥ Letters From Heaven by the Apostle Paul. This is actually a Bible translation called The Passion Translation and I LOVE IT.

♥  Wuthering Heights by Charlotte Bronte 

♥  Marrow by Tarryn Fisher

♥ The entire Penryn and the End of Days series by Susan Ee.

♥ Looking For Alaska by John Green. The only book I've ever reread and it made me cry each time.

Russia|fish| sea| placebo| petrichor| Pleadies| pizza|pumpkin| puppy| piaffe| pony| I really like words starting with P| fabricate| emerald| ascot| fox| jewel| smite| turtle|moose|


Okay. So.


PSYCH. PSYCH IS THE BEST SHOW EVER. I've watched the entire series twice. And multiple episodes multiple times.




I think it made me happy. It's been so long since the newest season, I can't really say.

Doctor Who

 Admittedly, I'll be happier when Moffat LEAVES AND STOPS WRITING TERRIBLE STORY ARCS.

Parks And Recreations

PARKS. What can I say about Parks? I just. The characters. The one liners. SDFSDFSDF.

Tomorrow When The War Began

I don't really know why I like this movie so much because it's not like “waaaaahh fabulous”, it's basically an Australian version of Red Dawn, but it seems more realistic as far as reactions go?? And I really like the main character, Ellie. I don't know, I've watched it a few times, which means I like it.


This movie is just gahhh cinematic masterpiece. Plus...”ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!” is the most quotable line ever. Like, I'd be even more entertained if you'd pan down to Russell Crowe's glorious quadriceps more often.

Mad Max: Fury Road

 Okay, okay, I just like dirty, scruffy, bearded Tom Hardy. You caught me.

Leather|petrichor(google it & you'll understand)| sweaty horses| cookies| shea butter| pomegranate| puppy breath|pine|

♥  Drops In The Ocean by Hawk Nelson
♥  You Only Die Once by Abbiee
♥  Glory And Gore by Lorde
♥  I'm So Sorry by Imagine Dragons
♥  When We Were Young by Adele

Jesus| hiking| horseback riding| writing| watching Youtube videos| documentaries| detective stories| the color of Amadeus' eyes| and the sound of Kai's neigh|

 ♥ Susan
 ♥ My dilemma is that
 ♥ I know nobody in the blogging world ROFL

Thank you, Katie, for tagging me in this! It was loads of fun! :D


The Adventure Continues

Sunday, February 14, 2016

For the beginning of the story, please see this post.

Dr. Pittman returned on Thursday for Amadeus' recheck and to begin “handing the reins”(pun shamelessly intended) over to my “normal” farrier once again.

I was eager to see how Amadeus had progressed, but podiatry days require me to rise an hour earlier than usual to make the drive to the barn and to try to get most of the morning chores finished before our appointment.

4:45 AM is a cruel and unusual punishment for someone who is not a morning person in the least.

The horses were fed and watered and hay was thrown. I was sleepy, cold, and hungry.

So, business as usual.

I brought Amadeus in from his paddock, tied him up, kissed his nose, and started mucking out stalls.

About five minutes later, Dr. Pittman pulled up to the barn. Right on time, as usual. Seriously. That man has never been anything, but punctual and I can't quite figure out his secret.

Okay, confession. If I didn't spend the first fifteen minutes of my day scrolling through Facebook on my phone, I might manage to be consistently on time, too.

Actually, come to think of it, my farrier beat him there, but only by a minute or so.

I digress.

Dr. Pittman unloaded his equipment from his Ghostbuster truck. Strangely, he has never brought along the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Disappointing.

Amadeus stood on the wooden blocks to get his first set of radiographs done. I was handed that awful, lead filled apron “prom dress” whICH I HATE SO MUCH BECAUSE IT IS LIKE 300 POUNDS, I SWEAR.

But apparently, keeping my innards non-liquified is preferable. Pfftt.

Cue some requests from me about preferring it to be red and bedazzled.

Cue courtesy laughs.

Amadeus is totally chill with the whole process. It's just another Thursday for him at this point.

He did seem a little jealous that I got a lead apron and he did not.

Amadeus is wanting to exfoliate to around 15mm of sole. 18mm would be ideal, but he is staying sound and happy, so we will accept this.

After radiographs comes the trimming and resetting of shoes. That part is super boring because as the handler, I just stand there. Bored. Cold. Sleepy. Hungry and all those other dwarves. Amadeus is usually pretty complacent, but by about the third foot, he started getting impatient and wiggly. But nobody got kicked and I consider that a good day with this particular equine. ;)

Amadeus is now in a flat, rocker shoe instead of a wedge. Yay! More radiographs were taken to double check everything and I trotted Amadeus in hand to make sure that he was still happy. He wasn't happy about having to trot, but overall, he was perfectly fine.

Okay, okay, so Dr. Pittman kindly sent me all of Amadeus' radiographs and holy cow! PROGRESS!

I'm just including the right front from each appointment to save space. All radiographs from August 29 and on belong to Innovative Equine Podiatry.

August 25, 2015

August 29, 2015

 October 9, 2015

November 17, 2015

December 31, 2015

February 11, 2016

All of this has been six months in the making. Looking back on how much work has gone into this horse's feet and the circumstances surrounding it, I know nothing short of Providence got us here. Dr. Pittman has been such a blessing and I am eternally grateful for all of the hard work and thought and sincerity he has put into returning Amadeus to soundness. The amount of effort and attention to detail he puts into everything he does has been such a comfort to me over the entire process. I'm such a worrier and Amadeus is my baby. Knowing the personalized care he has received all the way brings such a peace to my heart.

Thank you, Dr. Pittman, for everything you have done for Amadeus and me. Your knowledge is priceless.

Amadeus will have his shoes reset by my farrier in six weeks. Six weeks after that, Dr. Pittman will return to make sure Amadeus is holding on to the sole depth he needs. My job is monitoring him and continuing to bring him slowly back into work. I'm still in such awe of how well this turned out. I know if God hadn't sent me to Dr. Pittman that I would likely be telling a far different story.

Grateful and blessed doesn't even begin to cover it.


An Open Letter To The Twenty-Something Equestrian Who Refuses To Give Up

Sunday, February 7, 2016

To the twenty-something equestrian reading this-

To the groom who has spent the past three hours braiding horses and it's 10:30 PM and your fingers are raw and bleeding, but you still have three more manes to do and that 4:00 AM alarm is already sounding off in the depths of your mind and you wonder what miracles will need to be performed before you get so much as a thank you-

To the working student who wonders how many more stalls need to be mucked before you find a sense of validation; how much more grass mowed, how many horses fed, how many arenas dragged, how many lessons will go un-had before you remember why you came-

To the veterinary technician at the equine hospital who is covered in fluids and guilt for not having been able to save this one and you just want to know why it all has to hurt so much and how many more times you'll have to run an IV line into a helpless, dying horse before the ones you save outnumber the ones you lose-

To the college student who had to give up riding all together in order to focus on school; that dedicated pupil who wonders how many finals you will need to pass, how many credits you need to achieve, how long it will be before you have a job that lets you pursue your passion again-

To the young trainer who takes on all the rank, green horses that everyone else avoids; how many setbacks will you face, how many more people will refuse to take you seriously, laugh patronizingly at your age, before the work you do starts to matter-

I want you to know that I see you.

I want you to know that He sees you.

Hey, groom.

How do you feel when that horse you so lovingly care for takes their victory gallop, shining and elegant because of your attention to detail? Does it make your heart blossom to see them healthy because you take care to notice and remember every part of their “normal”? When the rider waves you over to stand beside them for the picture, do you choke back tears because you remember why you took the job in the first place?

Hey, working student.

When you make a sudden breakthrough, do the piles of manure feel worth it? When you establish a connection with someone influential, do you sing praises that you were blessed enough to be in the right place, at the right time? How does it feel to have the trainer compliment how neat you manage to keep the barn? Do you cherish those things you learn when the lessons finally come?

Hey, vet tech.

When you see the relieved smile on the owner's face, do you mirror it with a grin of your own? When they reach out to hug you, can you feel the gratitude down to your bones? As you change the dressing on a wound and that precious foal reaches around to nuzzle your neck, do you feel your calling as a healer coming back to life?

Hey, college student.

When you get an A on the exam, do you rejoice knowing that you're building a future for you and the horses you will own? When you get the internship you wanted, does it fill your head up with dreams? Do you relish in the joy of peacefully grazing horses in the fields you drive by?

Hey, young trainer.

When that flighty horse realizes he can trust you, does it all start to make sense? When you win the ribbon at the show and people ask for your business card, can you feel the hope rising within you? As you bed down the horses for the night and make a plan for tomorrow, does that vision start to creep up and come alive again?

It may not feel like it today or tomorrow or even the day after that, but I promise you that what you are doing matters. You matter. One day, these moments will be distant memories and you'll look back and see the things you learned and hey, you might even miss it.

I promise you that future you're building? It's worth it.

You're going to be okay.

It will all work out the way that it should.

Keep going.

Keep dreaming.

Keep building.

a twenty-something equestrian who refuses to give up

Amadeus and Kai have been doing excellently. By some strange miracle, I suddenly don't completely suck at long lining, so Amadeus and I have been doing a lot of that for the past week. He is such a champ at it; he's beginning to develop a topline again. Our next appointment with Dr. Pittman is on Thursday. Hopefully, I will remember to get an updated picture of his radiographs to show everyone!

Kai is growing in size and confidence. He is 13.1hh, has a 60'' girth, and is 56'' long. Every day, he gets a little lighter in color. I'm starting to think he'll be completely greyed out by the time I start riding him. I WANT TO HIM TO GO THROUGH THE CUTE DAPPLE STAGE WAAHHHHH.

How was everyone's weekend? Any exciting plans for this week?


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